The Shopping Trolley.

[spacer height=”200px”] Why the Shopping Trolley? [spacer height=100px”] You’ll notice headline banner depicts the story of human evolution through to modern man “hunting” with his shopping trolley. To get to where we are now we have overcome the Neanderthals, Sabre Tooth tigers, Ice Ages and ourselves. Today we face a new threat and it … Read more The Shopping Trolley.

ART Mind Stress

[spacer height=”20px”]Boomers Health[spacer height=”20px”]STRESS [spacer height=”20px”]Part IA 21st Century Issue That Shortens Life[spacer height=”20px”] Glenn SargentFor Boomers Health© Copyright Boomers Club Pty Ltd Audust 2016[spacer height=”30px”] INTRODUCTION.Chronic stress is a silent killer.  Even though it may be initiated via subconscious and conscious emotional responses it does result in the release of real cell damaging molecules (cortisol) and molecules … Read more ART Mind Stress

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