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Part I

A 21st Century Issue That Shortens Life

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Glenn Sargent

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Chronic stress is a silent killer.  Even though it may be initiated via subconscious and conscious emotional responses it does result in the release of real cell damaging molecules (cortisol) and molecules that affect our emotional centres (oxytocin).


Stress in an individuals response to their environment.  Stress is not caused by the environment; lets repeat that, stress is not caused by the environment, it is the result of an individuals response to an environment.  We'll say it again, stress is an individuals response to their environment.

Instead of us writing about stress it's easier and more entertaining if you watch this video first.



Stress is an individuals response to their environment.  The Presenter is correct two things help, contact with and caring for others (come to the clubs meet up events) and changing the way we think about stress. But how do we change the way we "think" about, or respond to "things".  The next two articles in this series describe the why and how.  We hope they help with everything, and not just stress management.

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