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Potatoes, rice and pasta are yummy.  They are also starch, a concentrated and compact form of the good sugar glucose and are relatively high energy foods and are therefore not recommended for those with weight control problems.  Hear is a smart way to eat less of them without eating less of them???


Starch is modified by cooking and cooling.  When starch is cooked about 20% of it is converted to “resistant starch” once the food has cooled to room temperature.  Resistant starch is indigestible and becomes food for the vital bacteria resident in our intestines; but who wants to eat cold roast potatoes? We’ll it’s better if we don’t eat them cold; reheating causes a further 20% of the starch to be converted to resistant starch.


In essence if we cook starch, cool it to room temperature and reheat it to eat, the resultant food could have around 30% less digestible energy.  Same amount of potatoes with 30% less calories!!!!  But there's more.  The resistant starch formed in the process can broaden the spectrum of bacteria in our gut. Recent experiments indicate that this can significantly aid weight loss. Remember its all about balance, we can enjoy some spuds, but over eating them will not be beneficial.


Here are some tips.

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Roast Potato and Sweet Potato

Roast more than you need, cool, cover with cling wrap straight away (prevent shriviling) and put them in the fridge, they will last quite a while.  You can reheat anyway you like including the microwave.

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Mashed Potato.

Make and then package in small lots, and then freeze.  Thaw and reheat when required.  You can buy pre-cooked frozen mashed potato in the supermarket, the work has been done for us, just microwave according to the instructions.

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Cook the pasta “al dente” drain and toss in olive oil (prevents the pasta from from going gooey), Place in “holed” container (so water cannot settle in the bottom) then in a bowl (so that water doesn’t leak into the fridge) cover with cling wrap and place in fridge.  Keeps for quite a while!

Just reboil for a minute or so.

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Cook the rice (any way you like) cool to room temperature and place in the fridge. Note cooked rice does not keep that long in the fridge even when covered. You can buy packets of pre-cooked rice in the supermarket just follow the microwave instructions and you done.

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