A Focus on Ageing

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A Focus on Ageing?

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At Boomers Health we focus on slowing biological ageing. The reason is simple and common sense. The diseases that are likely to get us in the end are Alzheimer’s, Cardiac diseases that lead to heart attack and stroke, Diabetes and Cancers.


These and other chronic diseases are age related, the older we get the greater the risk of being diagnosed with one of them. Hence if we can slow the rate at which we age we can influence the chronological age that we may be diagnosed with a chronic disease.


Watch the video below, it’s short, quite funny and entertaining then read the “take home” points below it.

Take Home Points


These people are young. There is little “visible” evidence of skin damage, it may only become apparent decades later.


Even then, the damage will not cause pain, and usually no other symptoms.


The damage is caused by the sun’s ionising radiation (UV)


Our internal organs and tissues are also incurring damage, in this case by “ionising” molecules which are often referred to as free radicals or superoxides.


We can’t see the damage. By the time we have symptoms that can be noticed, we can already be very sick.


It is important for we Boomers to have regular check ups and blood tests, if you haven’t make an appointment with the Doc.  Men aren’t good at this!!!!


The way to slow internal biological ageing is to reduce the consumption of substances that result in the formation of ionising molecules.  


All food causes the production of ionising molecules (as well as cigarettes and alcohol) it’s natural. Some foods are worse than others, how much we eat, what we eat, and when we eat controls the degree of damage being done. Stress can also result in the formation of ionising molecules.


We do not suggest readers run out and purchase antioxidant supplements, too many antioxidants can also damage cells and accelerate ageing, it’s all about balance.


More about the science of ageing and how to deal with it is in the members section.

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