Weight Loss Program

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Boomers Health Weight Loss Program

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Not just another diet, instead it is a program or process based on proven science and medical knowledge.  There are no weight targets, waist measurements, or calorie counting.  Our goal is for you to master the process of changing eating habits, and provide the basic food knowledge, help and advice for you to choose how much what and when to eat.  What it is not about is the sale of trendy BS products that are primarily designed to lighten our wallets, with little chance of permanently lightening our weight.  The weight loss program is free to Club Members.


Reducing our weight to a healthy body weight makes us feel and act better. It can even improve our aura, which can affect how others are attracted to us.  Usually our life gets better, not just our weight.

The other benefit is that the risk of being diagnosed by one of those age related chronic diseases we don't like to think about (they will happen to someone else and not us?) is significantly reduced and postponed further into the future.

Why People Are Overweight

There are numerous reasons.  Weight can accumulate over time, a little bit added each year can add up to a lot after decades. After the age of 20 our metabolic rate can slow by one to two percent a year, but we continue to eat the same amount, and hence put a little bit each year. Overeating can occur and continue after an emotional event, resulting in comfort eating. Boredom can also cause overeating. We can also become addicted to a particular taste or eat when we are stressed.  For others overeating is just a result of overeating itself. What ever the reason may be, it must be addressed. If it isn't new eating habits will likely not last, and then people fall off the wagon.  Boomers Health Weight loss program addresses these issues.


About Our Weight Loss Diet

Boomers Health Weight Loss Program is a new and unique approach to weight loss. It is designed to achieve permanent weight loss in conjunction with eating habits that you choose and can happily live with, and practice forever. There are no weight targets, no scales to check weight, no calories to count, and we'll provide techniques to help kick willpower in the butt. Members are also invited to join a "secret" private Facebook support group, it's easier to succeed as part of team than by ourselves.

How Does It Work

Simply Register, and you will receive an email to get you started. Don't expect to start dieting straight away it may take up to three weeks working on the old grey matter first before starting to alter eating habits.

How Much Does It Cost

Boomers Diet Programs are currently available to members only, and for the time being they are being offered to members at no extra charge, that is they are included in your membership fee.

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